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Frequently Asked Questions

Trust Origin is a review software that helps companies to collect reviews and increase brand awareness effectively. In recent times, companies feel very tougher to manage all reviews at a single place. Especially nobody gets through the reviews published on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Trust Origin, companies can display reviews from social media channels at ease and showcase them all at once place.
TrustOrigin is free for users to browse the top software/B2B/B2C companies from various industries. While companies can become free members at TrustOrigin.
Review badges and widgets that can be displayed on your site to improve customer engagement, SEO, and conversion rates. They provide evidence of your company's trustworthiness, along with information that includes your company's trust score and ratings.
With TrustOrigin, companies can either contact customers by email after they have made a purchase or used your service. Or you can just send the link of your TrustOrigin profile to your customers, which contains the ‘Write a Review’ section. Your client can fill in the details about their experience in the form of rating and review.

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