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  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo Project Promotions
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We provide services to the crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, in terms of email blasts and social media shout outs to the backers about their project

Excellent Service - A Must Use 1 week ago

Love, Love, Love what you do. The Backers Info Team is very professional, puts the customer first, and gets the job done timely. The promotional material produced is excellent. The design is pleasant, positive, and catchy. Keep up the FANTASTIC Crowdfunding Campaign development and presentation. All Crowd-funders need to know that Backers Info is here to help them get their campaign done successfully.

Great for crowdfunding--professional, transparent, honest, friendly 1 month ago

I worked with Backersinfo on my recent Kickstarter campaign. I worked also with a number of other similar agencies, and Backersinfo was by far the most transparent, friendly, responsive and professional. Most just sort of run through pre-set services with little to no direct correspondence or explanation. Backersinfo responded promptly to every email, and also kept me abreast of each step along the path. They showed me press releases and messages they prepared and planned to send out, for my approval and to allow me to touch them up or make suggestions. The staff member assigned to me, Amy, was very kind and helpful. Most impressively, they explained each step in the process and provided detailed results of each promotional action they undertook. Most agencies promise they'll send out an ad to X number of thousands of potential backers or super backers. Backersinfo gave specific numbers and also the number of emails that were opened and links clicked. No guessing needed, no blind hope,

BackersInfo Helped me Succeed :) 1 month ago

I'm glad I hired backersinfo, they were fast, thorough and great communicators. They helped me reach my kickstarter goal and get funded!

Thanks to backersinfo.org team 5 months ago

Backersinfo.org is a best helpers what I find. Easy contact, quick answers, honest and done job very well. Really love this team.... Very responsible team, done more than I expected. Thanks a lot and I believe that with your support and help I will fund full my Kickstarter project. Best of luck to you all.

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Thanks you so much for giving us 5 star review. This would encourage our team to put more efforts and provide great service to our customers consistently.

4 months ago

We are successfully funded! 5 months ago

Thanks so much for your help. our campaign is fully funded. we will definitely reach your and your company again when we have more crowdfunding campaigns.

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We're really happy on your project "LIGHT OF CITY - Projection Shadow Lamp" getting successfully funded on Kickstarter. Your project is really awesome and to be a part of making it real, makes us feel great. We at Backersinfo team wish you all the success with this project and come out with more unique projects like this in the near future.

4 months ago


Backersinfo gave incredible assistance to kickstart my project. They support new creators and produce incredible material to help you start your project. I strongly recommend! They are helping us with The 3rd Planet saga marketing campaign and are being extremely helpful!


I was really nervous to start my Crowdfunding campaign - ‘Bringing Back the Batik Style'. I’ve never done anything like this before and I don’t have a massive list of contacts to approach, so I have no idea if I’d reach anywhere near my target. I’ve also been working on my own, so it’s been rather stressful not knowing if I’ve ‘done it right’ or not, how people might view the campaign and how to get more people to see it. BackersInfo have been amazing at helping guide me through the different ways of promoting the project, helping me with social media assets and creating really cool e-mails to send out. From the outset they’ve been so friendly and helpful and suddenly I don’t feel like I’m completely alone anymore! For anyone approaching crowdfunding for the very first time, I would highly recommend them. They know what looks good and how to create the assets needed to promote projects. Also, given that the campaign is time sensitive they worked really quickly to send me everything I needed (literally within a couple of hours) and they have been really responsive to any questions I had. I’m really grateful for all their work and input and feel a lot more positive about my project now. Thanks guys!


I was contacted by Backersinfo to provide marketing for my Indiegogo campaign. I found the offered packages affordable compared to the more contributions I would get in my campaign. I engaged with them. The payment was straight-forward and I was then immediately contacted by Backersinfo staff. The initial contact was great asking for some details for marketing. The social media and email templates were quickly prepared and I was asked for approval, which I quickly gave. I was quite impressed with the targeting of typical backers. This list was customized based on what kind of people I expected to like my campaign, and by their knowledge of great backers.


Backers Info helped us with all aspects of the campaign, from identifying super backers to setting up a campaign page. Communication with them throughout the campaign was excellent. If you've got 100% confidence and faith in your product, then you really should consider Backers Info. Way cheaper than other agencies. We got our Indiegogo page redesigned, GIF images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram postings, a Variety of email template designs, super backers campaign and more. I Paid $5,000 upfront to another marketing agency ($3,500 for FB Marketing "set up costs" and $1500 for PR) and received minimal results. For $350, Backers Info did an amazing job on our campaigns and We're so happy to work with them in the future.


Speed, accuracy and responsiveness are critical elements when working under time pressure to develop a comprehensive Kickstarter page for an important crowdfunding campaign and Backersinfo came through for us, working diligently and quickly to meet our pressing deadline, staying on top of multiple simultaneous quick edits and completing the necessary graphic developments and changes in record time.

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